Waiting List

We have this information on the website but not as detailed, so here it goes. Ready?

Step 1. Please view our website and read the information we have there. It is there so that you can be informed before you get a puppy. View the parents we have and notice that we already have which health test they’ve had. Apart from the certifications they have all been to a Veterinarian and checked for 12 areas. Read the health guarantee and the deposit form.

Step 2.  Once you’ve done step 1, then you can contact us with any additional questions you may have. We have email and phone available for you to contact us through.lease keep in mind that it may take a few days for me to reply to your email. If you don’t hear back from me in a week please contact me again.

Step 3. Please send us an email telling us about yourself and the environment that a future puppy would live in. How familiar are you with the Cavapoo breed? Do you realize that the Cavapoo require grooming, training, and attention? Do you realize that all puppies go through stages and some need more training than others? I will send you a list of questions once you send an inquiry.

Step 4.   If we agree to accept your deposit then you may fill out the deposit form and send along with it a $300 check or Paypal (which goes into the $2000 for a puppy). If you are from Canada then you may send a PayPal payment. If you are from the US, we prefer a check  – unless you are reserving an already born puppy, because if you no longer want a pup from us we will simply shred the check.

We don’t always have room to accept more deposits for our waiting list for certain colors as we may have too many deposits for a certain color/shade.  

THE WAIT varies and it is hard to give you a timeframe as each litter is different and we won’t know who on the waiting list will end up getting a puppy. I can only give you an estimate, which may or may not happen. Sometimes it’s sooner and in some cases, it may take longer. If you are flexible about the color and gender on your puppy then you might not have to wait as long as someone who is set on a certain color or gender.


Once a litter of puppies has been born we will usually post a picture of them on facebook and then email the first people on the list. Let’s say we have 5 puppies – we will then email the first 5 people. If we know they are not interested in the colors of the puppies which were just born then we’ll skip them and go the next person.

Selection will happen as soon as the first person has been matched to a puppy. Once that happens, we will continue onto the next person. If once you’ve received the email and you’ve seen the pictures, and you decided you want to wait for the next litter then please let me know right away so we can let others in the list know.

Once it’s your turn we expect a call or reply to our email letting us know that you are interested. If we don’t hear back within 48 hours then we’ll go to the next person on the list. Once you’ve been matched to a puppy we will then deposit your check. Once that happens the $300 is NOT REFUNDABLE. We spend a lot of time and energy answering emails, calls, message on facebook and taking pictures. We post weekly pictures on our Facebook page. We will post videos once in a while depending on who is doing it on our end.

Recap: Puppy selection begins anytime after the puppies are born. We will send you an email once we’re sure that mom and puppies are doing well. You have 48 hours  to send me a response. If we don’t hear back then we will go the next person on our list. Once you’ve been matched, then the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. We will continue to post weekly pictures of the puppies. We usually try to post pictures every Sunday. Sometimes life happens, we get busy sp we’ll post a few days later.

Hope all of this has made sense. Most importantly, it’s all about patience on your part. We have to let nature do its thing. 😉

Happy Waiting!

9 thoughts on “Waiting List

  1. I didn’t see a price on your pups, is price different for the different sizes ? I’m interested in getting a female. After reciving price I would prefer to talk in person, so I will call if that works for you, also I live just outside of Spokane so if I chose to select one of your pups would we be permitted to come and look in person ?.
    Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.


    1. Glad you were able to find the price info. If you’re interested in joining our waiting list just follow the steps listed above. Once it’s your turn to be matched to a puppy you’re welcome to come visit the puppies in order to be matched. – Natalie


  2. Hi Tamisha! Glad you’ve done some reading and research. Once you’ve read the info on our website please send us an email at info@mycavapoos.com and we’ll talk more about getting you on the waiting list. Natalie


  3. We are in love with this breed. Our family consists of Mom, Dad, and 2 girls 14 and 10. A beautiful Cavapoo would make such a perfect addition to our family! The girls have been begging for a puppy like this for such a long time!
    So very hopeful,
    The Vogels


  4. My husband and I live in Peoria Arizona. Our neighbors, Randi and Cathy purchased there dog through you. We fell in love with her!!
    We always have had poodle mixes and we are looking for a female dog that weight no more than 50 lbs. we are both retired and our last dog, Mimi, died 2 years ago!
    Please inform us if we can be on the waiting list, you have wonderful dogs!!
    Thank you,
    Nancy and Chuck Polizzi


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